I am available for scientific consulting services. These include things like:

  • Making publication-quality figures from scientific data
  • Generating 3D visualization for certain kinds of data
  • Using cloud computing or cloud storage solutions for your scientific data
  • High-performance computing (HPC)
  • Numerical modeling
  • Scripting data analysis algorithms in Python
  • Transitioning to data analysis in Python
  • Typesetting documents in LaTeX
  • Building a modern website for your research group or project
  • Setting up your research group to use modern digital tools for collaborative authoring, version control, data archiving, social media

Many research groups rely on one or two graduate students or postdoctoral fellows in the department to manage computing resources. This results in a lack of continuity when these students graduate or take positions at other institutions. Departments often cannot afford to hire dedicated system administrators, experts in scientific visualization or computing. In these cases, it is far more cost-effective to outsource some of these services on short-term or one-off contracts. Rather than wasting time learning something ancillary to their degree, why not get a quote for the same task from an expert.

To contact me with questions about any of the above, please fill out the form below.